God and Me Time :)

I love that time of the night/early morning when my entire house is asleep and I can just press into my worship music and just praise God, read the bible or just something inspirational or just plain old search the internet or write blog post. I love this time because it is so quiet which means that I can think better and just focus on God. I have to admit that I don’t do this every night sometimes I stay up and catch up on my TV Shows or watch a movie or something. I love to sing and I feel like I have a real passion for worship music but I want to make sure that this is what I really want to do. I want to do this for all the right reasons and not the wrong reasons. Yes there can be wrong reasons to want to do some stuff that is in your heart. Well I believe that…..I would really love to know how to master the art and really engage and press into a higher place with God and also to connect with the church members. I believe it is a God given talent and also something that must be on your heart. You can have the best voice in the world but never learn how to just let go and put your heart into it. I always envision myself singing in front of my church and just basking in his glory and also engaging and ministering to the church people through music. I want to learn how to write songs so I am reading the bible on a somewhat daily basis. I picked the Contemporary English Version because it was the easiest translation for me. I am understanding some stuff so much more better but not really memorizing it (sad face) I am trying that is what I am proud of. I am trying and I hope God is proud of me at least. I want to minister to people of all ages and just inspire them, listen to them, be that voice of inspiration and so much more. I am slowly putting away my wayward ways and behaviors and trying my best to be the new ME.


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