My Creamy Black Bean Recipe


Black Beans are one of my favorite things to cook. It is not the healthiest thing to eat but it is so yummy and can be eaten with so many different things. This particular Black Bean recipe is the way I make it because I just love combining all these things together to make a tasty dish.

So here is what you will need:

  • Goya Black Beans (the large can)
  • Grace Coconut Milk or any coconut milk of your choice
  • Two Large Tomatoes
  • One Onion
  • Ground Black Pepper, Ground Ginger, Ground, Paprika and Ground Ginger
  • Adobo Seasoning
  • Chive
  • Chandon Beni or Recao (can be found in at a Caribbean/Spanish Grocery store)
  • Olive Oil
  • Bay Leaf (dried or fresh)
  • Salted Meat ( I prefer to use pig tails) but you can use salted turkey or don’t use it at all.

Here comes the cooking part

I first wash and squeeze fresh lime on the pig tails. I then take out a small pot and boil the pig tails until it is cooked. I then change the water about 3 times to just get out most of the salt. After I open the can of black beans and then pour out the liquid it comes in only leaving a little bit you can wash it out actually completely if you want. I then place the black beans in a bowl. Second I move on to going to my moms garden and cutting fresh Chive and Basil. I cut a little bit of basil because it gives the black bean a distinct flavor which I love. I cut a lot of chives from the garden because it gives it an amazing flavor and also smell.  I also use Shado Beni which is amazing for this dish it also gives it an amazing flavor. I then get the Chadon Beni out from the fridge and chop it up. Don’t forget to wash your greens. The clash of the flavors from all the green plants are a good combination so there is nothing to worry about. After I collect all these greens I get to my chopping board and I chop them up. I also use  2 large tomatoes and one large onion. After I’m done I get out my favorite black pot I use to make pasta sauce or any type of gravy. I pour a little bit of olive oil ( I don’t like using much grease when cooking). I let the olive oil get really hot in the pot then throw in all my chopped ingredients and I sprinkle some adobo, ground black pepper, ground garlic and ginger and paprika just to boost the flavor I then begin to stir the ingredients together. I cover the pot and let it sizzle for a while. After about 2 mins I pour in the entire can of coconut milk and the pig tails. I cover the pot again and let the coconut milk, pig tails and chopped ingredients sizzle some more together. After the milk has come to a boil I throw in the black beans and stir the pot and just let the beans cook. After about 10-15 mins have passed I turn the pot off and poof you have my creamy black beans cooked and ready to serve. This can be serves with burritos, white rice, a Caribbean style macaroni pie or what ever you like to cook black beans with. Hope you enjoy 🙂 How do you prepare your black beans or any other type of beans? Please do leave feedback.


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