My September Music Obsession!!

My September Music Obsession!!

I have been on the hunt for new music. When I say new music I mean I am looking for music by artists who a lot of people haven’t heard of or their music doesn’t get overplayed on the radio but is still amazing. I found this fresh new band well not really new but this is their debut EP entitled “Frank + Derol.” I absolutely love listening to fresh new voices and just listening to what they are doing with their vocals and how they are just making a very popular genre their own. It’s so cool how artists can just add a funky new fresh sound to a popular genre and that is what they did. The duo Frank + Derol is actually Brandi Cyrus and her friend Codi Caraco. And yes they are talented, they can sing and the music is amazing. It is the perfect music for all occasions. I absolutely love this EP which you can listen to for free on Spotify and if you want to buy it you can purchase it on Itunes for only $3.96. My two favorite songs at the moment from the EP is Let Go and Apparition. If you listen to it what is your favorite song on the EP at the moment. Leave your comments below and also other great music suggestions. 🙂


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