Hopes for the future

As the new season approaches I think back on last season and just remember all the things that I have learned,overcame and also started to pursue. It’s crazy how things and people around you can inspire you to be a better person or just pursue the things you want to do. So over the summer vacation I started back doing something that I gave up years ago. I started back writing songs. Whenever I was inspired or I heard a song I would automatically come up with the idea for a new song. I have never been in love or experience heartbreak so I’m the type of person who writes songs about what I think love is like or how I think someone feels when they are in love. I also write songs that have to connect with the emotional side of my life. A side that I don’t really let other people see. I just love how this fresh passion is just building back up in me. Even though sometimes I write a song and it’s only like a hook or maybe just the first verse and the chorus I’m just happy that I am doing this again. My ultimate goal for the ending of this year is to write a song that is dear to my heart or just finish like two of my songs and then submit the lyrics to various recording companies. That is the one thing I would like to get out of this entire experience have someone sing one of my songs and have that song inspire someone.


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