Late Night Baking

I am such a night owl. I can stay up all night once I don’t have anything going on early the next day and just browse the internet, listen to music, watch a movie or my favorite television show or bake. So last night I decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies. My mom always buys the little cute Betty Crocker packs of Chocolate Chip Cookies which I love because it’s bakes very fast (20 mins) and also you can add what ever you want to the mix to kinda spice it up. So last night I decided to just add the coffee creamer to the mix instead of water and also put a bit more of liquid than the required amount just to make more cookies. I then decided to use the cupcake holders and put the cookie dough in it to bake.Image

This was so much fun I was jamming out to tunes from the iHeart Radio App (I love how I can get my local radio station on there and also listen to Ryan Seacrest America Top 40 or simply just make your own radio station. I will list my radio stations in a later post but my music taste is wild. Tonight I was listening to Lifehouse and then some Frank + Derol. Other nights I just love to listen to some Carrie Underwood or some Christian Music. Okay back to the baking post. So I was unsure of how they would come out since I used a lot of liquid and the cookie batter was almost like a cake batter. After the 20 mins were up I took them out of the oven and OMGSH they were amazing. I probably should have left them in the oven a little longer to get color but I enjoyed it regardless. So here is my cupcake style chocolate chip cookies with some sprinkles on the top



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