Everyday it’s a personal struggle!

I can say that I am a christian. I recently started to put God above everything else in my life. It’s a daily struggle because let me tell you this world is full of so many temptations. You don’t really notice it when your eyes are closed but when you start trying to live by the word of God and your eyes start opening all the stuff that you once thought was right or the things that you do on a daily basis you realize that God doesn’t want you to live like this. Every decision you make, you make it with God in first. You think about all the things in life. Your future becomes so much clearer and also you feel like a huge weight is slowly being lifted off your shoulder. For me personal the change has been that I have become so much more humble, less vengeful or not angry all the time. But it’s not easy it’s hard just stepping back and praying for someone. Normally I would just get into a huge argument and say some hurtful stuff and try to get my “revenge” on whoever but nope no more. I have so much still to change in my life. I am still attached to a lot of stuff that isn’t christian like but I know soon certain things I am attached to won’t even matter anymore. I hope this makes sense for whoever reads my blog it’s 3:15AM lol not really awake right now. I just felt like writing a blog post while listening to Group 1 Crew check them out on Spotify they are amazing. Okay until tomorrow well Sunday I mean or later today if I am inspired 🙂


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