Colton Dixon Single is Finally Out!!

As I am writing this blog post I seriously can’t contain my excitement. This morning when I woke up I remembered that Colton Dixon new single was released to this little radio station that plays Christian music. I immediately searched tumblr for the song because lets face it people on Tumblr some how always have the scoop first. I finally found it and let me just tell you it’s perfect perfect perfect. Colton Dixon is amazing he wrote this song so perfectly and it I felt like it was made just for me because the lyrics was totally my life and my relationship with God. I felt such a joy when i listened to this song and just wanted to weep but i contained myself lol! He is so talented and this song is just amazing. I love how God used Colton as an instrument on American Idol. He stayed true to himself the entire time he was on the show. Never once he strayed away from his purpose. He never conformed and he wrote this amazing song to show people how amazing God is. I really hope that this song makes it to all radio stations all over the country because omgsh this would be yet another breakthrough for Christian artists. I’m so excited for him and I can’t wait to see what else he has written for his new album. Colton I give this song a 10. Here is the song below what do you think.


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