My day

Today I woke up and was so excited for the new iOS 6 update, well let me tell you took an hour and 15 mins to download and let me tell you I am not really impressed. Siri appears to be smarter and I love the new emoji’s. I love the new camera feature and also the maps feature but that’s about it. The rest of my day was okay since I didn’t have my communications class I decided to get caught up on some dvr movies I recorded, fold my laundry and clean my room. I can finally see my floor well I could have seen it before but now I can walk without bumping into things. After all that cleaning I took a shower and watched the xFactor omgsh it was so funny tonight. During the show I also decided to browse Forever 21 and Tobi for some clothes for work. I currently work part time in retail at New York and Company (love my job). At my job we are suppose to dress business casual. We can only wear black, white or neutral colored clothing because I feel like they think that if we wear color it will scare away the customers lol. So at Forever 21 I got this cute Black Floral Lace Dress that I will probably wear gold jewelry or my pearl necklace and bracelet. I’m also thinking of wearing it with some thick stockings/tights so as it gets colder I won’t freeze to death. (I’m a New Englander btw) I also got this Short Sleeve Skater Dress dress that has a sort of flare to it. It came with a belt but I’m probably going to switch it out for a leopard print belt and get those fab leopard print flats at my job I have had my eyes on for so long. I also got this Box Pleated Skirt that I may wear to work or not. I just wanted a cute skirt that I can wear these Paisley Pattern Tights with and this cute Peach/Black Long Sleeve Polka Dot Top. I just love fall fashion just wish I could wear the actual fall colors to work but I guess I’ll just have to leave that to my two days of school i go to and random hangouts. On Tobi I finally bought a must have for this Fall. I finally got a Peplum Top. I have wanted a Peplum Top for so long. Well since last fall when they started to trickle into my store but no one really bought them so they didn’t sell meaning it never made the clearance wall. I finally can wear it with my Ponte Slim Legging I got at New York and Company. Overall I am happy with my purchases. I won’t be shopping until Forever 21 reopens in November at my local mall. (It’s going to have two levels OMGSH) Anyway let me wind down for the night and listen to some Carly Rae Jepson on Spotify, eat some homemade pizza, sip on some hot cocoa and browse the internet until I get tired. Here is some pictures of the stuff I bought tonight. Also here is a question for my followers: What is that item of clothing you most want for the Fall? Comment and let me know 🙂




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