Happy Fall: How to wear your Fall Sweaters

I decided to create two looks that you can create with simple fall sweaters. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because I love the cool weather, I love the colors and I love the fashion. I love how designers try to match the color of the leaves and also put there own little twist on it. So the first look on the left is a maroon sweater, pink skinny jeans, a maroon purse/ shoulder bag (love these so convenient to carry your go to accessories), studded loafers and some jewelry. It’s such a simple outfit but it’s perfect for any casual occasion. The second color is your more traditional fall color look I decided to get use a pullover with brown skinny jeans with a matching shoulder bag/purse and flats and some jewelry. These are two outfits that you can wear for the fall and also you can alternate the pants for each sweater. I hope you like my choice of outfits. How do you wear your fall sweaters.

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