Current Music Obsession “Rihanna-Diamonds”

                 Today post is dedicated to Rihanna’s new song “Diamonds” . I originally heard two weeks ago that she was coming out with a new single. I was so excited but I was also very skeptical because her last two albums had almost the same type of music and I was crossing my fingers hoping that this record would be different. Today, when I heard the song I was like in awe because Rihanna sang an amazing song. Thank God for Sia and her amazing lyrical talent. Sia wrote this song and let me just say it is amazing. Rihanna sang the hell out of this song. She captured every emotion of this song. It’s amazing how Sia can write a song that so connects with the artists life. Not a lot of songwriters can do that. Diamonds is a chill song. It’s a song that you can play at anytime and it makes you feel good. As Rihanna said the song is hopefully. In my opinion I think this song is mature and it’s a new direction for Rihanna vocally and career wise. I think this record will portray how much Rihanna has actually grown and found herself since her career started. When i first heard the song I was like wow some her vocals kinda sound like Willow Smith in I am Me. Regardless it’s a beautiful song and I love it. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album and also different youtube covers of this song. Good Job Rihanna. Listen to Diamonds below via SoundCloud.


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