I think God uses our dreams as vessels. Vessels to send us message or show us our heart. I recently had two dreams and in these two dreams one showed me CHANGE and the other showed me what’s in my heart. Let me just say that these two dreams weren’t too good. I am not saying that I am not a nice person but sometimes certain situations come up and the right thing to do is forgive that person but deep down in your heart you hold so much hate and animosity towards that person that it can throw off your entire aura without you even realizing what is happening.I also had this other dream that I have a lot (a recurring dream). Before when I would have this dream I would be stuck at this location in my past with no way out. No matter how much I tried to leave I was always stranded. A couple nights ago I had this same dream and I had a way out but some how I never left. The difference with this dream this time was I had a way out but I can’t remember ever leaving. I think that God is using this dream to show me that I am still stuck in my old life and I need to let go or else I won’t be able to move forward with anything in my life. Dreams are so powerful even the stupidest ones are just powerful. They show you the things you can’t see either because you have turned a blind eye to the things in your life or you just aren’t aware of certain things. Someone told me about 7 years ago that I would be a “dreamer” I didn’t really understand it back then because I was young and basically took things literally rather than trying to understand (read between the lines) but now I realize what my former Pastor was telling me. I dream a lot of stuff mostly good stuff but when a dream connects to my life I know it’s God telling me Felice “WAKE UP” you need to make me your number 1 priority in life and stop being lazy.


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