For Every Heart That Beats

Hey guys sorry I have been M.I.A from posting/updating my blog. I have had so much on my mind lately and was in a tug of war with certain decisions and emotions that have been flooding my life. I was just having a struggle with what I should personal aspects of my emotional being I should make public but as you can see I decided not to share what I am feeling right now. Well i am sharing it but through music so I am sharing my Spotify Playlist with you guys so you can subscribe to it and listen to some of the music I love. Subscribe to my playlist and join me on this musical journey 🙂 My favorite songs on my playlist at the moment are Cassidy Ford’s “You Got This Hold on Me.” I became a fan of her music from watching Hollywood Heights tear tear it’s over now and I don’t know if there will be another season. My second favorite is an oldie from Sara Bareilles “Gravity.” Another one is Maroon 5 Daylight and Love Somebody. So hope you guys enjoy my playlist. I am constantly updating it and leave a comment below with your favorite songs or your own playlist on Soundcloud or Spotify. So click on the link below and enjoy my playlist!!!!!!

Sweet Ride Playlist


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