Youtube Cover of the Week!!!

This week cover is from my favorite male singer Travis Garland. He covers Bruno Mars latest single “Locked out of Heaven.” So I listened to the original and let me just say that Travis sang this song with so much more passion and he made the meaning of the song even more sexier. He has been one of my favorite male singers for a while and I am so proud of everything he is doing. He is really doing all that he can to get himself heard and me and the rest of his fans are thankful for Ryan Seacrest for posting his weekly covers on his website and also Perez Hilton. So kiss of joyers I need you to continue supporting music and also Travis Garland by sharing this cover and his others. Also he released some big news last night that his first EP is coming out October 22nd “Fashionably Late” love the title because haha we have been waiting for years for his EP so happy that God has finally allowed this to happen in his life. So I hope you enjoy and let me know what you guys are listening to this week 🙂

P.S You can download his EP for free on October 22th on his official website/tumblr
Also if you live in the Los Angeles area you can check him out at the Roxy Theater with Tori Kelly on the 24th for an cool amazing concert and the best thing is that the tickets are really affordable $12.00 for general admission and $30.00 for a meet and greet. Click here for the ticket and concert information. Hope you guys enjoy.

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