A Girl Can Make Her Dream A Reality (no matter how small)

As you guys know my 21st birthday is nearing it will be officially two weeks until my birthday this Saturday. I am so happy that I am finally seeing another year. Even though I don’t really celebrate my birthday I am filled with so much joy on that day. I always feel like beginning a chance for me to start over and look forward to a whole year of self discovery and happiness. So I decided to order one of my favorite shoes inspired by Demi Lovato. I finally got the chance to order “The Jeffrey Campbell Litas” These shoes are so amazing. They give your feet the most comfortable feeling anyone feet can have. I got the black shoes but if I am ever given the opportunity to get it at the price I got them boy o boy I will buy another pair. Ladies, please don’t let the heel on this shoe and the platform in front scare you away from buying these bad boys. The platform in the front actually balances off with the heel giving you an amazing feeling of comfort when ever you walk with them. You literally feel like you are walking on air. Here is a snapshot of me wearing the shoes last friday.

Aren’t they amazing!!!! 🙂

My second early birthday gift to myself came all the way from England “drumroll please” I order nail polish from this very famous company out in England called “Models Own“. If you follow a lot of youtube tutorials from guru’s in the UK almost all of them do a review, tutorial or haul of their Models’ Own purchase. I got six different shades of nail polishes because I don’t know when next they will be holding an international half off sale. So I took advantage and ordered me six different shades: Peacock Green, Scarlet Purple, Gold Digger (these are my christmas colors), Naked Shimmer, Nude Beige and Soda Pop Pink. I love love love these nail polishes. They were so worth it because I currently work in Retail and when I do my nails with brands like Essie, Zoya, etc I can’t make it through a shift without my nails being messed up but these have made me proud because they lasted throughout my entire shift without a hitch. I love them and I so would recommend them to anyone.


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