I’m in love with you and all your little things

I would never expected this beautiful song to be sung by One Direction. I am a fan of their music but this song is simply perfect. It’s vulnerable, it’s raw, it’s honest and it’s a sweet love song. This song was written by the amazing Ed Sheeran if you don’t know who he is please stop what you are doing and download Spotify and listen to his album “+”. I assure that you won’t be disappointed and you will be swooning over his music. This song is a confidence boost to a lot of young girls out there. It’s almost like a little anthem dedicated to them saying you are perfect and by 1D singing it the message is sure to be heard. This song can make anyone forget about their insecurities and just bask in the moment of utter perfection and self love/worth. Ed sure knows how to write music. He has a way with words it shows how he is a little romantic person and he truly cares. Personally I think this song just makes me feel their is someone out there for everyone even if you don’t want to believe. Someone will find the little things about you to be perfect, beautiful and simply amazing. I also think this song shows how the boys of One Direction are amazingly talented and that Simon knew what he was doing when he invested his time with these boys. I am so happy they finally did a song like this, it shows maturity and growth and I think as as artists that is important especially with your musical career/journey. When I listened to this song I remembered Demi Lovato and all her personal struggles and how this song can also be uplifting to her and her lovatics. I just love sweet melodies in music. It’s soothing and it makes me feel all warm inside despite all that I may be going through. I love this song and I hope you feel inspired and uplifted by this song.

P.S Ladies this is how a guy is suppose to love you. You should feel absolutely beautiful when you are with the one you truly love and he should treat you like the most precious gem that he has ever come across.

I’ve just let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
Because it’s you
Oh it’s you
It’s you
They add up to
And i’m in love you
And all these little things


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