I Hate You, I love You, Again


Discovered this little “EP” a couple months ago on Itunes by Emily West entitled I Hate You I Love You. I am totally obsessed with this EP. It has just been everything I am looking for in music. It takes me away from all the upbeat fast paced music everyone is singing today. Don’t get me wrong I love the Pop/Dance music that is coming out today but sometimes you need an escape from it all something mellow and also something that can actually portray a singer vocal abilities and also capture their emotions. I haven’t really been getting that in the popular music I hear on the radio or from online music blogs. So when I found this EP let me just say it took me back. Emily’s voice is amazing. She didn’t care what today artist are doing she did her thing on this record. Ever word, line and note she sang captured the emotions she was trying to push through in this record. I love it… I am satisfied 🙂


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