For One Day!

Looking back I wish sometimes I could go back in time and just do everything over. Life is going by way to fast and I feel like even though life is going by I’m stuck,frozen stiff with no where to go. I always think back to the days when life was simple and the only stress I had was hoping my mom didn’t make smoked herring or breadfruit. Now today my fears are even bigger. They sometimes engulf my entire being; making me want to seek solitude to find some form of sanity and peace. My fears are probably small compared to other people but sometimes I just wish I could be fearless for one day and just conquer everything I want to do. I want to be able to tell the person I like at the moment how I feel, accomplish something that has been a dream of mine, speak to be actually heard,learn to love and move out on my own. Fear is something I hate because it has such a firm grip on me that shaking it is impossible. It just sets me back 100 steps because I’m always afraid of a bad outcome. I just want the days of simplicity to return. Everything wouldn’t always be perfect or certain but I just want things to not be so messed up and painful. I just want to be fearless.


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