Girls Night In! Movie Night Edition

Winter break officially starts next week or for some the week after for a lot of colleges and I know everyone is dying to be back home and just hang out with their friends. This post is all dedicated to having a fun movie night in with your girls. Since I only took one class this semester and it was was a hybrid course meaning half online and half in class I had a lot of time on my hands to watch movies and be lazy  these past few months. I probably watched so much movies that I caught myself today on Netflix almost re-watching this Christmas movie and I don’t re-watch movies unless it is a good movie like Love Notes and Selena these are my two exceptions. I live in Connecticut and it gets so cold that sometimes I don’t even want to leave the house so I prefer to just stay in pull out some fun snacks and have a movie marathon.

Girls call your friends up, come up with some cool fun snack and tell them bring pajamas and pop in some movies. Here are some movie suggestions that you might like. I know some of these movies aren’t available on DVD yet but I will provide a link where you can stream it online for free!!! DON’T JUDGE YOU KNOW YOU DO IT TO!!!

A movie I recently watched and enjoyed it so much was For a Good Time Call. This movie is the ultimate girls movie night in movie. It is so funny that at times I caught myself laughing so loud during the night when everyone in my house was asleep. This movie is raunchy so if you aren’t into bold types of movies this probably wouldn’t be your favorite. The movie is basically about these two girls who decided to live together at first they hated each other because of an incident that happened in college but when they decided to go into business together (a sex phone line) they grew to like each other and became best friends. (Sorry for the horrible summary didn’t want to give spoilers lol)

Another you can also make part of you Girls Movie Night In Marathon is Life Happens. This movie is a cute indie flick and if you are a fan of Krysten Ritter, Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson you will probably be highly entertained. This movie is not a comedy even though it does have some funny moments to it. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling at the ending though that I am sure you will all love. The title of the movie explains it all two girls who are best friends and basically have no real responsibility in life are faced with a big dilemma when one of them gets pregnant. Life Happens and they are all faced with the reality of life and growing up.

Another movie that recently came out is 10 years staring the sexiest man alive Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum. I think its so cute that they filmed a movie together because a lot of the scenes together was so genuine, it wasn’t manufactured. Anyway this movie is a cute little Romantic Film that you can enjoy and also swoon over Channing. This movie is totally a modern day chick flick. Don’t read the reviews online simply just experience this movie with your friends. Its a movie that shows how revisiting your past can bring clarity to things in your present and future. It has a lot of symbolism and lessons to be learned in this movie that a lot of people can learn. Enjoy this one.

Lastly it isn’t truly Christmas until you watch Elf. This movie is my absolute favorite. I can literally watch it all year round. I am such a huge fan of Will Ferrel. He is like a comedy God in my eye hahaha then Kevin Hart lol. He is just so funny! I you aren’t a fan of this movie leave my blog. How can you watch this movie and not feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside and also die of laughter. I am watching this movie right now on ABC Family! Already dying and rewinding the movie back to my favorite parts! Ahh the best thing about Christmas is absolutely the movies.

Hope you guys like my suggestions. What movies are you and your girls going to watch during this winter break? Comment and share! See you guys tomorrow!

P.S ( 23 more days until Christmas can you believe it! OMGSH! I have some fun stuff in store for you guys for this entire month. So look out for some amazing how to’s and other fun stuff in the next few weeks!) Love you guys xoxoxo




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