O Skirts How I Love You So

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This season I just love wearing skirts. I am someone who normally will normally just wear the dressy pants and will totally not even wear a skirt at all but now I am in love with them. After watching Kat Dennings in Daydream Nation I was like I need to work that look well not maybe the way she wore it but I would totally steal her style with the skirts. At work I am only allowed to wear black or white. So I try to spice it up as much as I can. I decided to check out Forever 21 online and picked out a few pullover sweaters that complied with my jobs dress code. I found some cute pieces that worked for me but they were all simple and I wished that they had more choices that were in my price range but you gotta work with what you got when you are on a budget. So today I decided to show you guys my wear to work style but I upgraded it a bit and added some jewelry, studs and accessories. The first outfit on the right features a Moschino Beige Big Bow Embellished Wool Pullover with a Bardot Luxe Skater Skirt and then I added some jewelry Pearl Earrings from Banana Republic, a cuffed bracelet from Jenny Bird, a diamond ring and a tote bag.The second outfit is a bit to much for work well my coworkers might think I am overdressing but if I could have worn gray I would totally wear this outfit. This outfit features a Studded Shoulder Sweater from Mango and a black studded leather skirt. I also decided to do add two different sizes of bangles. The first Bangle is from Rue 21 and then I added a medium sized bangle from this store called lovelemonade.com and for earrings I found studded diamond earrings from Lleana Makri. I also decided switch up and add some color to this outfit by picking out a Tory Burch Mini Crossbody in Turquoise. I really enjoyed doing this post. It’s takes a while to find the perfect outfit on Polyvore, then when you put together the outfit you have to find jewelry and accessories. It takes time. I didn’t add shoes because you can wear this with either flats, heels or my personal favorite knee high boots or just any type of stylish women boots. When I wear skirts to work I wear tights from Francesca’s because they are not to expensive and they are also thick which is perfect for the cold winters of Connecticut. I try to be as stylish as possible at work no matter how I feel.


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