You’ve been walking with me all this time

This is one of the songs that I play almost everyday.It amazingly shows how good God is and how no matter what you may be going through in life he is always there walking with you every step of this journey called life.When situations in my life get unbearable I remember Gods love for me and no matter what happens in my life he is just one prayer away. He will never disappoint me, he will never break my heart and he will love me no matter what. Sometimes I take his love for me for granted and I just have to ground myself back to reality and remember that he is the number one person in my life and I should totally be focused on him. It brings so much joy in my heart when I can just sing this song. It reminds me of everything precious in my life and just brings me to a place of peace. This morning I woke up with song playing on TV and my day was really good regardless of everything else that has been going on. I am so happy that this is the song that woke me up. God I love you and thank you so much for your unconditional love.


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