Feel like a princess and have your clothes picked out for you

tumblr_m02o7n77Ez1qacjhpo1_1280Last week I stumbled upon this little company called Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a clothing website that is still in its Beta stages so first you sign up, you get an invite, you answer a bunch of questions about your style,sizes, etc and then you choose a price point and choose a date. You then enter your credit card (very secure). Anyways when you do all of that you will get a box. Inside there’ll be 5 clothing/accessory pieces. If you want any, the $20 charge to your card for receiving the box will apply to that purchase (Awesome right $20 off a purchase and as a bonus if you decide to keep all items from your fix you get and additional 25% off ). The clothing you don’t want you simple just put it back into the box/envelope and make sure to send it back to them within 3 days!!!

So if you are interested please do sign up and start receiving your box. My first box is set to be delivered on January 12. So click my referral link http://stitchfix.com/sign_up?referrer_id=3038115 and when you receive your box of clothing I will be credited $25.00 and in return you can invite more of your friends and also receive that $25.00 credit! Have Fun!!!!


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