Kicking off the New Year Jamming to these amazing songs!

2012 was a year of some amazing music. I listened to a lot of music this year and was introduced to some awesome new singers and bands this year that I have so many favorite songs this year. Today I am going to just round up my Top 6 songs of this year. This list won’t be in any official order so I hope you enjoy my music selection.

One of my favorite albums this year was ZZ Ward’s “Til the Casket Drops” thank God for Spotify because I got to listen to this album all the time for free. I just love her music so much. Her voice oozes empowerment and it was so refreshing to hear someone with a new type and style of music this year. It was such a good turn from all that pop/dance music on the radio. So here is my favorite song from her album “Put The Gun Down”

This past year also saw the rise of one of my favorite Youtube Cover Artists Tori Kelly. She came out with this awesome 6 song EP “Handmade Song by Tori Kelly”. This was one of my most anticipated albums of the year. When this EP came out I knew I wasn’t going to disappointed. She talent surpasses a lot of successful artists in the industry today. So hope you guys enjoy one of my favs from her EP “Confetti”

Another cool song that I love to sing to at the top of my lungs is Bridgit Mendler “Ready or Not” I love her style of music and her voice is so funky. Here is her debut single “Ready or Not”

I am like a huge Demi Lovato fan so I just had to add this song to one of my favorite of 2012 even though her album came out in 2011. Demi’s song Give Your Heart A Break is my  favorite song to jam out to. This song gives me life lol

This next song is probably from one of my new favorite bands. I discovered this song at a time when I was so deeply inspired by this style of music and also looking for something new to listen to. I love the Lumineers and their album was another one of my favs to listen to on Spotify. Here is one of my favorite songs from them “Ho Hey”

This last song is my heart at the moment. The girl who sings this song is a Christian artists who is about to crossover into pop music and I am excited to see how her re release of her album will go. Her album Gold has definitely helped me through a lot this year and made my walk and relationship with God even possible. Listening to her album made me realize that God is super awesome and he is my number one friend, love and comforter all the time. I pick this song of one of my favorites of this year because it is very uplifting and also sends a really good message. I hope you guys listen to this song and enjoy it as much as I do.

This is my favorite songs of 2012. Happy New Year and remember “You are worth more than Gold”





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