Thinking out Loud

Does it even pain you in your heart to say goodbye.

Wiping your hands clean attempting a start over.
But little do you know god doesn’t like that type of ignorance.
Thinking your wrongs are rights.
Ignorance has blinded the little signs of rights.
I look into your heart trying to find a trace of you.
All i see is a brand new you and damn i don’t like the darkness I feel.
A dark vibe echoes loudly through the heartbreaking silence
Your kind words use to soften my heart but now all that you spit out are words that damage my heart.
Subtle words you think are shaping a better me
Breaks me and makes me feel like I have no place among men
All I hear are insults to my ear but you think that are uplifting words to my betterment
If I didn’t love myself I swear your hard words would have taken me to death.
Thank God I am strong and never let the insecurities of others bring me down
I am a lover of life, a dreamer and master of my own destiny.



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