Movie Review:The Impossible


Last night I sat down and decided to watch the movie The Impossible after seeing the preview for it on television. I saw the movie floating around on the internet but paid no real attention to it because the title of the movie made me think it was some type of everyday cliche movie but I was so wrong. The impossible told the story of a family that went on vacation during the December that the Tsunami hit Thailand and the events that followed after the Tsunami passed. The impossible is really a story that is simply impossible and the kicker for me was it was true story, the events in this movie really took place. My thoughts on this movie was that God is real, he was really watching out for this one family because the turmoil they went through was simply impossible for them to survive. This family was the definition of strength and courage. I tip my hat especially to their youngest son he in my opinion is the hero of that entire ordeal. He could have been scared and shut down as many kids his age do but no he fought to get back to his mother while they were still in the gushing water and he also lifted her up into the tree to provide them with some type of protection in case another Tsunami hit. Even in the hospital he showed his good heart when he decided to help a few people find their families. Even when he lost his mother in the hospital he was scared but you could still see it in his eyes that he had faith and believed that his mother was still alive. I loved this movie it was sad movie but also eye opening to see how the natives came out to help their own and also the tourists get help. Everyone held onto hope and was strong even though a lot of people lost everything. In the end the entire family somehow reunited and the left Thailand but this movie was really a good movie and I hope it gets some type of nomination or award at the Oscars because it was a well written and amazing adaptation of the true events that happened.



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