What I’m watching this Winter:Shameless (The craziest family on TV)

Season-3-Promotional-Poster-shameless-us-32713318-800-960I have been religiously watching this TV show for about 3 years now.  It has literally been a wild ride for the last three years. Every episode of Shameless has been OD crazy. This family is literally the best family on television. When I say best I mean that I love the hardcore reality this show portrays even though some of the things this family does is down right impossible to even get away with it lol. This family is literally shameless they totally live up to the name of the show lol. This crazy family does things like rob meat trucks in front of the house, steal someone else’s water heater, Debbie the youngest has an illegal daycare in the summer time, the neighbor Kevin and Lip (the eldest son) has an ice cream truck in the summer and sells weed, alcohol and cigarettes out of it to the neighborhood. There is also a bit of romance in the show between the oldest sister Fiona (Emmy Rossum) and Steve. They have that type of hot and cold relationship. It is very passionate and I truly do think that beyond all the chaos and craziness they truly would be in a healthy relationship if life didn’t get in the way all the time. Steve’s stupid decisions somehow always messes things up and Fiona’s loyalty to her family always comes first which he couldn’t really understand until maybe season 3 where it shows that he has also made her family his top priority which is kinda cute. Dream guy right in so many aspects yes and also no. The jaw dropper is that he is married to this Brazilian mob guys daughter (happened last season) and his real name isn’t Steve it’s Jimmy. Steve aka Jimmy is from a very wealthy family in Chicago and goes by this alias because he steals cars for a living and other crazy stuff that was probably mentioned in the show but I didn’t hear because that wasn’t one of the craziest moments of the show. Carl is the second to last son and he is a little gangsta. He enjoys the thrill, dangerous and crazy aspect of their lives. Ian the second oldest son is probably one of my favorites. I love his willingness to do anything to get out of his current situation and move on up unto bigger and better things. Even though some of his actions aren’t to kosher (crazy gay sex) out of all the older people in the show he has ambitions and actually wants to get out and do something with his life. Phillip aka Lip is the smartest of all his family members but because of how rough shit was when he was growing up and also in his present life he doesn’t believe their is a better future for him beyond the life he lives. Even though his friends, family and the school counselor sees that he can make something of himself his commitment of putting his family first kinda blinds him from seeing that he can actually do something with his life and also make life for his family. His line this season which he religiously believes is true is “When You‘re Poor Is The Only Way ToMake Money Is By Stealing And Scamming It”. Debbie the youngest girl is one of those characters who my hearts breaks for every week. She is someone who no matter what you do to her she forgives you and sees the good in everyone. She is the character that probably has the most heart but it is constantly broken by her father who she loves and gives so many second chances to. She is also current on the hustle of the family meaning that during the summer she comes up with her part of the money to keep her family afloat by running her illegal summer daycare. Frank, their father is probably one of the most hated television fathers to date. This man is drunk 24/7 and constantly does so much ridiculous shit and still expect people to do for him. I have to admit I really hate his character but his crazy antics totally saves the show some weeks during slow episodes. Fiona, the eldest sister and the one who basically held her family together when it fell apart deserves so much credit and probably sister of the year award. She gave up and sacrificed so much just to make sure her siblings had food to eat and a roof over their head. I admire her so much even though sometimes she could be a pain in the ass. She is one of the most selfless characters in this show. She will go above and beyond for her family and I really admire that about her. Regardless of everything she has been through she still finds the strength to get up and take care of herself and family. True hero on my part. I really enjoy watching this show when its on during the winter. I don’t have Showtime so I always have to watch it illegally online or when I beg the Direct TV guy on the phone to give me a couple weeks of free showtime(sorry showtime I just can’t afford the premiums) but I really do enjoy watch this crazy ride of a show and crazy family. Every week there is something new or some new thing these guys do to make it to another day. I really love watching this show. If you want you can check it out on Sunday Nights at 9pm on Showtime. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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