Pretty Young Thing Repeat After Me

As long as you follow my blog you know I will always do a blog post about this girl right here “Tori Kelly”. 2013 has been an amazing year musically for me. When I say musically for me, I mean some amazing artists has been putting out some kick ass music and I am just basking in the awesomeness of their music. Well let me get back on track to my original post about Miss Thang Tori Kelly. This girl has been kicking butt performing and singing her lungs out at some amazing shows and venues. She recently traveled to London for two shows and this girl who has a little following (fan base) performs/ sings for her fans at sold out venues. I am so proud of Tori and I admire her determination so much. I love that even though she is so talented like you can tell through her music that this girl is disciplined and very humble. In this video she covered the late Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T” which happens to be one of my favorites songs that he has sung. Tori literally tore it up, she even had to stop singing because her London fans were going crazy with all the riffs and crazy singing magic thing she does. She is truly one of the artist to watch this year. I am telling you by next fall we might be hearing some of Tori Kelly on the radio. I am so happy to be apart of her fan base and also excited to watch her life and career take off. She is really inspiring. I saw on youtube that someone commented that she is the female version of Ed Sheeran and they couldn’t have said it any better. She is really one of a kind and you guys should definitely listen to this cover then go on youtube search Tori Kelly and listen to her other covers and also originals. xoxo happy listening…


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