Hello motivation where are you?!?!

So week two of classes have started and as most of you know I recently changed my major to Nutrition/Dietetic Technology. School has been such a big snooze fest for me. I should be a junior in college but because of not being able to afford tuition at The University of Hartford I had to settle for my local community college because I just couldn’t bother my parents about paying my tuition bill when my sister was already going to school and they helped her out with tuition at times. I started all these new classes this semester that should be really fun and interesting but instead they are just so boring. The teachers come to class and you can see in the way they present themselves that the motivation to teach isn’t there. Money is there only motivation. The only teacher who actually shows some type of love for her job is my Conflict and Peace studies professor. Her job sounds fun but the point I am trying to make is that teachers/professors are suppose to make a lecture interesting and engaging but  at this school you are lucky if you get a professor who really knows how to connect with his/her class. I just wish there was a little bit more effort put into teaching students who attend community colleges. I feel as if everyday I go to school my motivation level is being drained and before I know it I will probably drop out and become another statistic. It’s so hard to stay committed to one thing when the motivation isn’t there. I miss going to a 4-yr university so bad. When I went it was much more easier to just stay motivated and just plugged in because I was in an environment that was just stable when it came to studying, going to class, motivated teachers, etc. I would give anything to be able to leave that new community college building and just go back to a 4-yr college, get an education and pursue my dreams. Life was so much more easier back in the day.


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