Fav TV Styles for Less!

Since today is a snowstorm and I have a lot of free time on my hands I decided I want to do a really fun blog post about my favorite TV styles and where you can find the exact outfit or a similar outfit for less. I watch a lot of shows where fashion is like the center point of a lot of shows I watch. There is always some big discussion on twitter, tumblr and a lot of the blogs out there about what your favorite character was wearing tonight.

One of my favorite shows this season is The Carrie Diaries. I just love how they incorporate Carrie Bradshaw style from the 80’s and give it a dash of modern twist. I love how all the colors are so vibrant and they perfectly express how fashion and life was so colorful and daring back then. 


The top Carrie wore on the left is an Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Sarah Jane Peplum Top unfortunately it’s sold out so I really don’t know what the original price of the top was but I found two that were similar to it. The top right top is a Peter Pan collared Peplum top that I found on Ebay for 11.75 GBP or $18.45 USD you can purchase it here. The bottom right corner features a black and white Peter Pan Collared Peplum Top from Forever 21 for only $14.80. If red isn’t really your color you can get the Forever 21 alternative color here.


In episode 3 of The Carrie Diaries she wore this amazing colorful vibrant dress that I just loved. The  Conscious Trend Abstract Floral Dress can be found at H&M but unfortunately due to high demand it was sold out so I don’t really know the original price of it but someone was nice enough to list it on eBay and you can Buy it Now or Submit your best offer here. This dress is perfect for a night out on the town with your friends. This episode happened turned out to be one of the funniest episodes of the season actually and also kind of weird.

heart sweater

Carrie wore a Heart Sweater from French Connection in episode 2 of The Carrie Diaries. I really loved her outfit for the ending scene of this episode it so reflected my style and I immediately ran to my computer to look up similar sweaters at Forever 21. The sweater Carrie is wearing was originally $32 at Lord and Taylor but it’s apparently sold out in a lot of places so I don’t have a direct link to the sweater. However, I found two sweaters that were almost similar to the one she wore. You can find the “Ditsy Heart Raglan Sweater” for $27.80 at Forever 21 here.  The sweater at the bottom right “Heart Pattern Sweater” that comes in peach and mint for $24.80 can be also bought at Forever 21 here. 


Spencer wore this cute little sweater in episode 17 “Dead to Me”. It was so simple yet it defined her characters style on the show. It also looks really comfy. This sweater can be found at Urban Outfitters for $69. I couldn’t find a similar one that was in the same price range to give you an cheaper option but I really think this is an appropriate price for this type of sweater.


In this episode Aria wore a “Vegan Leather Collarless Moto Jacket from Free People” that was priced at $139. I am a fan of Moto jackets and thank goodness that Forever 21 has a wide selection and styles of them. In the top right features a Metallic-Blend Moto Jacket for $18.99. The second Moto jacket is a Faux Leather Moto Vest that comes in Navy, Cream and Black for $17.50. The bottom right Moto Vest is a Quilted Faux Leather Moto Jacket for $34.80


Aria wore this Sassy Rabbit Boxy Tee (the original on the right for $48.00).

hartI also love watching Hart of Dixie mostly because of Wilson Bethel (Wade Kinsella) he is so handsome anyway back on topic. I love how every single character on this show has a different styles. It so inspires me to just mix it up a bit. On the show I love Zoe’s style (props to the person who dresses all these characters on this show you guys ROCK!!) On the left Zoe has on a Rebecca Taylor Leopard-print silk-chiffon blouse and Zara Denim Jacket with Zips and Studs. Unfortunately these items are sold out so I found the closest alternatives on my favorite site Forever 21. I found a Studded Denim Jacket for $39.80 and it’s still available so you can purchase it hereI am not the biggest fan of leopard prints so I found literally a top with leopards on them which I thought was cute and also really stylish so you can buy The Leopard Print Muscle Tee for an amazing price of $13.80 on forever21 website here.


Anna Beth’s style has literally evolved this season on The Hart of Dixie. Last season her style wasn’t at all eye popping but now they have her in some amazing, stylish and cute pieces which I love. She is literally working her newly single status. I absolutely love what they are doing with her character giving her a more daring personality and I also love how she they have added a new sexy look to her hair, makeup and clothes. On the left she has on a ” Anthropologie Peter-Pan Paillettes Sweater” that is actually on sale right now. The top right picture is the original sweater which is on sale for $49.95 originally $168.00 and you can purchase it here. If $50 is too steep of a price for you I found some cute alternatives on Forever 21 and eBay. The second picture is a “Studded Peter Pan Collar Top” for only $19.80 and you can purchase it here.  I actually love the F21 top because it would be perfect for me for work and I love studs. The bottom right is the top I found on eBay. The “Dots Peter Pan Collar sweater” can be purchased right away  here for $32 and it comes in black and navy.


The fashion on The Vampire Diaries isn’t really there but I have to admit that whenever Rebekah’s around causing trouble and not have a stake in her back her outfits are always on point. I have to say she is always the best dressed on the show with her outfits. In the top picture she has on a ” Anthropologie Heartloom Ruffled Racerback Tank” which is sold out online but I think if you look around in the store you probably can still find it. I also added a picture of the original tank (the bottom left picture). I couldn’t find the exact same top online or a cheaper version on eBay so I found an another Racerback Tank from Urban Outfitters that was on sale. You can buy the “Silence & Noise Soft Woven Racerback Tank” for only $19.99 here 

jacdressRebekah is wearing a Forever 21 Leopard Jacquard Dress which was priced at $25  according to Polyvore but is sold out unfortunately. I found an alternative to the dress also at F21. The “Jacquard Metallic Party Dress” that is pictured in the bottom center and right is $27.80 and can be bought here.

So this is it for this month. I hope you guys enjoyed this little blog post and found it really helpful. I am thinking that I will do a post like this every month featuring some of my favorite TV Styles and where you can find them online for cheaper or an alternative outfit. You can check out http://www.spottedontv.com for more information on what your favorite TV show characters are wearing.


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