Song of the Day “A Rocket to the Moon-Ever Enough”

I just love my late night/early morning music discoveries. This song is a very peaceful and sweet song for a 5am listen. I recently discovered this band well yesterday and I  fell instantly in love with their lyrics, the video and everything about it. I am also a huge fan of Debbie Ryan and watched the video because I thought it was her musical debut finally (love her voice btw she has one of those peaceful voices that you would never expect) but anyways when I watched the video I was like wow Nick Santino is amazing ahh love him! Plus this song is just so romantic. So take a listen and simply take in the amazingness of this song. xoxo♥

“I will always be yours
Forever and more
Through the push and the pull
I still drown in your love
Drink till I’m drunk
And all that I’ve done 
Is it ever enough?”


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