Never put my love out on the line♥💕

Demi’s new single “Heart Attack” is finally released. Even though it was released under forced circumstances (someone leaked it), it is everything I hope it would have been. Demi literally delivered on this new single and I am so happy that it is actually a good song. Heart Attack is so relatable and definitely the definition of being young and in love. The lyrics aren’t like her normal style they are more to the point and more raw just as she said it would be. No underlying messages it just gets straight to the point, which I love.

However, since it was an early release and it didn’t really get the week before hype/promo, we will have to wait and see what she has in store for this week and also for the video which can make or break this single success and also her album. So listen to Demi’s new single and let me know what you think.
Don’t forget to purchase her single on iTunes


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