Coachella 2013

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Coachella the biggest music festival on the West Coast is rapidly approaching and if you are a music lover like I am, I know we are probably thinking the same thing “damn I wish I could go”. With only 38 days to go until weekend 1 (April 12-14) and 45 day until weekend 2 (April 19-21), for those who are blessed and lucky enough to get to experience this awesomeness I hope you are going to enjoy yourself and just let the freedom of music take you over for these two amazing weekend. I’ve never been to this festival but what I look forward to mainly is the amazing fashion and also getting to sneak a peek of the show on youtube during their live streams (THANK YOU YOUTUBE FOR THIS). Even though its not a great as actually being there the music is still amazing. lineup


The reason I am doing this Coachella post is to share with you some Coachella fashion tips and ideas over the next few weeks. If you are a newbie to this festival and you have no idea what to pack with you, I can share a few tips on what to wear and fill your suitcase with. Also I will be taking this opportunity to feature one artist or bands’ music every time I do a post about Coachella. I promise you this is going to be fun and it won’t only be about fashion. I plan on doing my research and giving out daily tips on past Coachella festivals, so if this is your first time going or if you are returning you have some new interesting tips and facts about previous Coachella festivals. I hope by now everyone has gotten their tickets because I believe all tickets are sold out or almost gone. So keep your eyes peeled to my blog and also twitter account for updates. xx


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