Young & Beautiful


I’ve been a fan of Lana Del Rey since her Paradise Edition of her album Born to Die was rereleased in the United States. I just love her music, her style and just the way she pays homage to a lot of the music and the themes of the 60s. Her music oozes with so much creativity and she always tells a story. She reminds me of a modern day Marilyn Monroe but without all that craziness that surrounded Marilyn Monroe. When I heard that she was apart of The Great Gatsby soundtrack I knew that she would blow my mind with what ever she sang for the movie soundtrack. I just love how she was like the perfect fit for this movie and the theme of the movie. If you have watched or read “The Great Gatsby” and then listen to the song you would totally understand why her style of music and singing was perfect for this movie. The song Young and Beautiful when listening to it gives you a haunting but yet electric feeling. The song is beautiful yet has a dark obsessive twist to it. It makes you want to listen more to song, understand it and even see the movie. Even though this is a remake of the movie, this song perfectly fits the era of movie. It is a perfect portrayal of Gatsby and Daisy’s love and relationship. Even though I have seen the movie already I am so thrilled to see it again and just experience the entire story again. It’s a movie that wells up a whirlwind of emotions and I probably will be one of those girls who cries during this movie because its just so damn good. Lana did an amazing job on this song and I am happy that it was chosen as the song to represent the entire movie. I can’t wait for the movie!!! 🙂 ❤  Take a listen to this amazing song below



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