Movie Discovery:Safe Haven


I just finished watching Safe Haven and all I can say is that it was phenomenal. I have always been a fan of Nicholas Sparks and his work and this movie surely wasn’t disappointing. I loved every bit of it. Katie the main character was one strong woman. I admire her strength and courage to get out of her troubled marriage. Not a lot of women who are being abused has that kind of strength to realize that enough is enough and that she needs to drop everything, leave and never look back. Katie decided to hop on a bus in search of her safe haven, somewhere far away from her troubled life  and she found it. She started over, made new friends and even fell in love. She found the safe haven she was looking for. Her safe haven represented love, safety, being appreciated and true friendship. The guy who she fell in love with had also gone through a major tragedy in his life and they were able to pull each other away from their troubles and into each others safe haven.This movie was a really great movie you know. It symbolized the important of love, memories, friendship, faith and trust. I loved how Alex was always taking pictures. To me it symbolized his belief in  cherishing moments but also keeping record of these moments for later days to reminisce. When you watch the movie you will realize why cherishing the moments were so important to him. If you are someone who is struggling with certain issues in your life this movie can get you back to that right place. The movie is really emotional and also had me thinking about a lot of things.Safe Haven is so worth the watch, be it by yourself, your significant other or just your friends and family.It will make you cry, laugh, it will make you scream OMGSH!!!! but that’s what a good movie does. Hope you enjoy xoxo❤


“…and that in the darkest hour, love is the only true safe haven.”


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