✭May Photo A Day:Morning Routine✭

Day 2: Morning Routine

Hey guys so it’s Day 2 of the May Photo A Day Challenge and I am showing you guys one of my morning routines. Since I don’t really have a morning routine because I hardly wake up before 12 to have breakfast or anything  I decided to show you guys a Throw Back Thursday Morning Routine I did and show you something I do everyday. So couple weeks ago I went to Dutchess Diner in West Haven and had the most awesome ham and cheese omelet with my sister. It was my first time ever going there even though I’ve lived in West Haven for like almost 7years. It was a special morning and I really enjoyed waking up early that Saturday and enjoying some good breakfast with my sister. Another thing I do every morning or when I wake up is turn on my iPhone and listen to some tunes.Today I listened to Kristinia Debarge new album called Young & Restless that was released abroad only so thank God she uploaded her album to Soundcloud.com and I got to listen. So here is one of my morning routines. Hope you enjoyed your morning and day today. xx♥


Be sure to check out Fat Mum Slim’s  website to learn more about the May Photo A Day Challenge:


My Original Post letting you guys know I will be starting this challenge:


and also yesterday May 1st Photo a Day



♪Listen to two of my favorite songs from Kristina Debarge new album below♪




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