✭Music Spotlight: DEMI✭



Demi’s new album is finally out. “Happy Dance” I am beyond excited for every song on that album. Gosh listening to it is a fun, exciting, eye opening and vulnerable journey. Demi literally pours her heart and soul into that record. I swear every song on that album oozes its and bits of who she is and the place she is right now in her life. She said in an interview two months ago that this album was like a celebration and she wasn’t lying at all. From Made in the USA to her heartfelt ballad Warrior Demi is celebrating her new found acceptance of life. She’s celebrating her new place in life, her happiness and also her honesty. I can say that this album was her most honest album ever. I love how she tweeted late last year about how she was bringing real music back. She really did it you know. This album shows off her style, her personality, her crazy side and the true girl she really is. One of two favorite ballads on this album is Two Pieces and In Case. Listening to this song brings me to tears. In Case overall is my favorite. I think everyone can relate to this song. It’s raw and vulnerable. When I listen to in case I swear I mentally leave the room and this song soaks up my every being. It’s that profound and it hits home hard. Two Pieces well I just love singing this song. It’s one of those songs that hits you from the first line. The chorus is amazing because it burst out into her signature pop/rock sound. I also love the message in this song. Another song that I found amazing Nightingale. When I heard this song I was in awe. It made me sob a bit just because in my opinion was such a powerful song. Also i thought it would be perfect for a movie soundtrack. It kinda reminded me of Gift of a friend. She said she sang this song for one of her friends who passed away which was perfect. I can totally see her singing this live at an award show with a full live choir would really catapult this song. In a lot of the songs on this album she got really deep and I know she probably cried a lot during her recording sessions because while listening to songs like “shouldn’t come back, I hate you, don’t leave me, etc you hear the pain and vulnerability in her voice. This album is truly an emotional one. If you don’t shed a tear while listening to certain songs well your emotionless. My favorite dance song on this album is Neon Lights and it should be her next single. This is one of the songs that puts you in a good mood and just makes you wants to get up and dance. I think this one will do really well on the radio because its something non fans will not be expecting from her. Ahhh I’m listening to it right now and I’m dancing in my bed lol. This album overall is really amazing. It has a lot of singles and I’m hoping she pulls a Rihanna, Taylor Swift and gets a lot of them to become singles and they all do amazing on the radio. She deserves it man.



You guys can download/buy her album on iTunes.
You can also listen for free on Spotify


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