Rebranding, Renaming…..New Direction.

I took me a while but I think I have finally found the direction in which I want to steer my blog. I think this new idea of what I want my blog to be will be perfect. It will give readers, viewers and visitors and idea of what is going on, on my blog when they stumble across it. I have decided to steer my blog in a direction of an “EatPrayShopLove” kind of theme. I think the name is really easy to remember and plus it probably will draw the attention of a lot of people when they come across my blog. I wanted this blog to be a melting pot of everything in my life that I love and I think it will be more easier for me to frequently update and keep you guys engaged. My blog will be getting an entire new rebranding. It will be less clutter and more user friendly. I think you guys are going to love it. I am setting up a demo version of what my blog will look like and you guys can check out my little welcome message and also some of the fun categories I will be adding to make it easier to find blog posts that are catered to the topics of my blog “Eat”, “Pray”, “Shop”, “Love”. 


One thought on “Rebranding, Renaming…..New Direction.

  1. Andrew Frdrcks says:

    Nice blog and congrats on the new one. I’m looking forward to checking it out more. Thanks for pinging my post. One problem though, I can still use your help to decide on the new name for my blog! :p So what do you think it should be?

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