Today at the Beach♥


I’ve lived near the beach for almost 7years and I probably only go to it like once every summer. I love the beach and if I was given the option I would totally go there everyday and just walk in the sand, put my feet in the water. I love the ocean but when life gets in the way I find it so hard to enjoy the pleasures of the things I have nearest to me. I just let my retail job and it’s crazy schedule get in the way of enjoying life that today when I finally went to the beach I felt like I had a moment of clarity. Today, was a semi significant day in my life. I start a new chapter in my life and by Saturday my life, the things that I do won’t only reflect on me, it will reflect on my family. I felt like today on the beach I finally realized that “familia es muy importante” without them I would be nothing and I am so happy for their support. It made me realize that it was time to put away all my selfishness and just put the people who have been there in my life first. Going to the beach really gets you thinking. I feel as the air is so open, it gives you clarity, it gives you freedom, it releases all that baggage and you can simply just think clearly. I felt free, I felt unashamed, I felt comfortable, I felt like me.


“Song of the Day”


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