Staying cool this summer

Lemon WaterLately I’ve been drinking so much water that I am like pinching myself and I’m like is this for real Felice are you really drinking this much water? In the past I would have to write down a strict schedule for my drinking water time because I would literally drink juice all the time and when I ran out of juice I would drink milk lol ( I had a problem). One day, my sister decided to fill one of our water bottles and throw some lemons in it; I’ve always heard how lemons in water were so refreshing,  it actually made you feel better and you would drink a lot more water as a result to the lemons being in the water. I found all of this to be true and so discovered so much more. Since I’ve been sick and mostly coughing at nights, the lemon water has been such a big help to keeping my body hydrated and my throat moistened and not dry. I have been coughing less and actually getting sleep at night because I’m coughing less. I thank God that my sister did this because it totally inspired me to drink more water and drink less juice. I even decided to read up on some of the benefits of drinking lemon water and found some interesting facts that I thought I should share and have experienced.

Awesome benefits of drinking chilled lemon water I’ve noticed/experienced:

  1. I have an extra burst of energy during the day
  2. I am drinking more water (DUH!!!)
  3. My skin now has this natural glow and I haven’t gotten a breakout on my face since I started drinking more water with lemons
  4. My skin isn’t dry anymore, it is very hydrated and feels amazing

Overall, I feel like my body is cleaner both inside and out. I have been feeling so amazing and not that bloated, gassy feeling I sometimes feel. I am really happy that I found a way where I can drink water,really enjoy and also feel hydrated and good. I so recommend adding some lemons to your daily water bottle or jug, the difference is amazing and it’s really delicious and quenches your thirst.

Helpful Tips

  1. Drink lemon water out of a straw so it won’t damage your teeth.
  2. Brush your teeth at least 2-3times a day as it causes a build up on your teeth that can damage it.

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