Artist Spotlight: Brandon and Leah

I was just sitting in my room totally vibing out to some music when I came across this amazing cover of a Mike Snow song called Animal. I’ve never heard of the artist Mike Snow but I’ve heard of the duo that covered the song Brandon and Leah and they are probably one of my favorite undiscovered duos. If you don’t know Brandon and Leah are Jenner’s and Brandon is Bruce Jenner’s son (basically they are related to the Kardashian’s by marriage). I’ve always love Brandon and Leah’s style of music, so whenever they come out with something new I always check it out. I just love the feel good vibe their music has and also because they are really a talented duo. Their music is different from what you would hear people singing today and I admire them for taking the path they are taking with their music, rather than using  the family connection to get ahead. Check out their cover of Mike Snow’s “Animal”  and after be sure to check out one of their most popular originals “Showstopper” right under the cover video 🙂 xoxo



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