My First Car :)

Hey guys so I have HUGE news ahh! So in the past couple weeks God has been just opening the door of possibilities and I have just been totally letting them in. I am amazed at how when you set things in motion and you patiently wait how God just slowly starts granting you and also placing different opportunities and people in your life to help you fulfill all the things in life you might want to do and also how with steadfast faith and belief, anything you want and go after can happen. I was able to do something that I never thought I could do recently. I am still in disbelief that I even own this particular thing and I have all these feels and emotions whenever I drive it. If you haven’t guessed yet I recently bought a car. I would say that it is my dream car and I am so happy that I have my little Honda Civic. I am so happy and also excited that I finally own my first car and that I don’t have to borrow my sisters car to go places or ride the bus to get to work. Having a car is such a blessing I swear. I was so nervous driving it home from the dealership last Saturday ahhh it’s like Fine China (lol). So here is a picture of my Honda Civic and I got it in Black which makes it even cooler. Love this car 🙂

first car



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