Flashback Friday

flashback-fridayIf you grew up during the 90’s one of the things you grew up with was Disney Channel. I remember the first time I discovered that we had Disney Channel, I was so excited like jumping excited. I remember I ran to my mom and older sister and was screaming omg we have the Mickey Mouse Channel ( to young to know what the channel was actually called lmao). I would spend hours watching this channel on Saturdays but not really on Friday nights because ABC has TGIF (miss those days) Anyway so one of the first movies I remember watching on Disney was “Under Wraps” I loved this movie and it began my obsession with Mummy’s ( don’t care for them as much today lol) I think this was the first movie that I probably understood the meaning of love. I can’t remember how old I was at the time but when I found out that he was in love, even though it was corny I was fascinated with the idea of  him being in love with another Mummy. Also the Celine Dion song they played in the movie “All By Myself” I love it and when ever the song plays I swear I always think about this movie. So guys this was my Flashback Friday tribute be sure to look out for one every Friday!!!





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