The way to my heart….


I am always discovering new music. I swear if you guys checked my internet history, I am always listening to music or reading up on reviews of my favorite songs/artists. Music is probably the way to my heart besides food lol… With the weekend approaching and because I am driving back home from my job tomorrow I wanted to share my current playlist and the songs I am jamming out to in my car and singing at the top of my lungs.

1. Travis Garland- Clouds

2. Ariana Grande-Honeymoon Avenue

3. Travis Garland-Motel Pool

4. Seven Lions with Myons and Shane 54- Strangers feat Tove Lo

5. Jojo- Anything

6. Ariana Grande- Lovin’ it

7. Cash Cash ft Bebe- Take Me Home

8. Miley Cyrus- We Can’t Stop

9. Katy Perry– Roar

10. Lorde- Royals, Lorde- Tennis Court

11. Celine Dion-Love Me Back To Life

You can check out the rest of my playlist “Summer Luv” on Spotify below




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