Hello October




Wow I can’t believe today’s October 1st, it seems like just yesterday I was embarking on a new journey in my life and now the calendar is telling me that’s it’s already October. Even though I hate the cold weather of New England, I always welcome Fall with open arms and possibilities. This fall is going to be awesome. I am finally going to my first concert to see Tori Kelly (ahhh so excited) and I’m also going to turning 22. I love the fall because for me it symbolizes just a feeling of newness and change. It probably has to do with me  celebrating my birthday every Fall.  I just feel like the Fall is my creative time. It’s a time when I get to experience so many things in a different light and also just have new experiences and also be inspired. I also love to just admire/ love all the new things that come with Fall like Fashion, Music, TV Shows,Food, Movies, People, etc. I am already loving so many new stuff that are popping up this Fall and can’t wait to share it with you guys. Til then I would love for you guys to share with me your hopes and aspirations for this Fall and also some things that you guys are into or newly discovering. Don’t be shy xoxo!



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