Retail Stories: The Shit Customers Say and Do

I’m at work last weekend and as I am checking out this customer she makes such a stupid assumption which totally took me back. She was asking me if our store New York and Company had any cute oversized sweaters because she loves them and thinks they are so comfy and that they also compliment her full figured body. Before I could answer her question, she says to me out of the blue “O what would know about that, you’re tiny and you don’t shop here.” I was a bit tired and out of it that morning but as soon as she said I was like excuse this is not a plus size store and I’m a size 6/8, I work here and I absolutely love their clothes here.” I really hate how some people just assume certain things based on the size of someone’s clothes. It may be stupid of me to feel insulted but I did because she made an assumption based on what she saw and I think for someone who is full figured that was the dumbest thing she could have said to me. I was seriously about to ask her  are you blind or stupid but I just had stop myself and walk away. Luckily she decided to venture out into the store in search of a sweater we clearly didn’t have. I just don’t know why people judge so quick and also make such stupid assumptions. People before you talk please evaluate your words before they come out of your mouth.



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