The Roaring 20’s

life3So you guys are probably are like why is she giving us a lesson on history from the 1920’s… So not interesting at all (only if you’re a history buff then you wouldn’t mind). Don’t worry this post has nothing to do with history at all and in no way references to that time in history, I am just borrowing the name to describe my 20’s. So why the Roaring 20’s? So I was thinking about different topics I wanted to discuss on my blog this month and decided to talk about how life is like for me now that I’m in my 20’s (21 to be exact) and let me tell you it has been nothing short of quiet. It has literally been so crazy, I’ve been having a whirlwind of emotions and the most important it has been roaring. I’m 21 years old and I have to say that it’s been somewhat confusing and exciting. I’ve made decisions and done things I never thought I would do. I’ve had to sacrifice a lot and I’m learning to put myself first in a lot of situations. I’ve reconnected with people, lost friends and also have dear friends move away just when things were getting to a point where I was truly happy with my new found friendship.  I have been slowly but surely figuring out who I am but the one thing I can’t seem to figure out is what I want to do like career wise. I know what I want for myself in life that’s the easy part but the how part of making it happen is the hardest thing to figure out.  I have so much ideas and just things I have planned out for my life but there is always  a stumbling block in my way ($$). The one characteristic I wish I possessed was being fearless. I wish I was fearless. I wish I was that person to throw the caution to the wind and totally do  everything I wanted to do and not let the fear of failure hold me back. I swear to you the twentieth years of my life is the most challenging, loud, confusing and crazy time in my life. I am almost 22 years old and the crazy hasn’t even begun. I am excited and scared to find out what the next couple of years will bring but you know what I am up for the challenge and so can’t wait.


One thought on “The Roaring 20’s

  1. Akingstruth says:

    “leap of faith” !!! that’s what you need to take. i’m 29 and i am telling you the thing you have on your side is time. don’ t be afraid to fail. with failure comes strength and knowledge. follow your dreams!

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