When you say you love me, know I love you more


Miley Cyrus released her new album Bangerz and even though I’m not loving everyone song on this new record, the one song that stuck out for me was “Adore You.” I instantly feel in love with this song and felt like it was such an amazing song to start the album with. It was kind of like the perfect intro song and it and definitely set the tone for her new album. Even though some of the songs are pure shit and I won’t even waste my time buying, the few good songs on the album makes it an amazing album. I love how regardless of how crazy Miley may be, the one thing that you can’t say is that she can’t sing. Vocally this album slays. I love the urban pop direction she took with the album because it was something different and it was perfect for her new reinvented image.The album is definitely risky but Miley I have to give you a thumbs up for not giving a fuck and just doing what you wanted to do on this record. If you just listen to the songs but not understand the lyrics you probably won’t get where she is coming from in this album. I love how this album shows off her vulnerability. Even though she acts like a hard ass to the public, some of the songs on this album simply reveals the true Miley and what’s she feeling. Another one of my favs is FU, she gets very raw on this track and basically tells listeners that Liam broke her heart and he can go fuck himself.  Some of my other favorites on Bangerz are Do My Thang, Wrecking Ball, We Can’t Stop, My Darlin’, Maybe You’re Right and Drive. I don’t really care for the songs that she had features on them but overall the album is good but I do believe she could have done way better on this album.


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