Sometimes in life you just have to move on and just simply let go

I have to say that this week I have had a lot to speak on and just release and thank God for this blog because I get to share my life experiences and things that I witness with whoever reads my blog. I recently experienced something so heart wrenching that thinking about it now I feel as if the reality of the entire situation hasn’t even hit me yet. People can be so conniving  and just heartless. They never think about how their actions will affect people. I grew up with this person and to find out that this person felt this way towards me was just mind blowing. When you love people unconditionally especially family you never think to put your guard up and really pay attention to the warning signs that are flaring up right in front your eyes. I could be totally overreacting or not but when someone you look up to and love decides to shut you out of their life without any warning or without an explanation it’s heartbreaking and this has been on my mind for weeks. I have been constantly been at war with myself and over thinking  certain things. I have been asking myself what did I do wrong. I know things with everyone was shaky but woah when someone throws you a curveball like this; how are you suppose to respond? To me friendship and family is the two most important things. I wake up every morning knowing that I have these amazing people in my life and to think that I lost one of them is just crazy. The part that makes me so angry and is just frustrating is not knowing why. My motto is if I have a problem with somebody, I make sure I let them know what’s up because there is nothing like finding out you were mad at this person because of a stupid misunderstanding. It’s the worst I swear. A month has passed since I found out that this person has shut me out of their lives and let me tell you it has been hard but I’m slowly letting go and just moving on with my life. I am mature enough to know that I can’t let this affect me in anyway. I will always love that part of my family but if they don’t want me in their lives because of some unexplained reason I just have to respect it and simply go on with my life. It’s all a learning process and apart of growing up in this world. XoXo Besos❤

october 10




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