Flashback Friday

flashback-fridayHey guys so in the spirit of all things Halloween I thought I give you guys another Flashback Friday movie. So this one isn’t really a Halloween movie but more of an action type/hero movie with skulls and what not. Today’s movie is the 1996 classic film “The Phantom”. This movie was my favorite movie. I think I probably saw this movie for the first time in 1997-8. I can’t really remember. All I remember is sitting at home with my dad on Saturdays when I wasn’t prank calling the cops and watching this movie with him. I’ll leave that prank calling the cops story for another time. Anyway I probably watched this movie so much because Billy Zane the lead actor and the Phantom was like my first celebrity man crush. Yea at 7/8years old I discovered that men are magically beings to look at well the sexy ones haha! I loved everything about this movie, Kit Walker was my hero. Thinking about it now the storyline of this movie is quite ridiculous but I just loved the action and the edge of your seat feeling it gives you. Ahh and the ring he used during that one scene when Xander was using the skulls to try to kill him ahh nail biting moment but the phantom ring was stronger than all the skulls. I swear throughout that movie I don’t know how Kit/The Phantom was eaten by those sharks lol! As a young girl watching this movie it was probably the most exciting thing to watch and also terrifying but I loved it regardless. I have so many fond memories of watching this movie with my dad and my sister back at our old Brooklyn house. It was definitely fun times in my book. Check out the movie poster and trailer below and if you do get a chance and have a lazy Saturday plan this movie is the perfect movie.



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