Style Crush: Selena Gomez


Lately, Selena Gomez style has evolved. I am such a fan of her music and now in my book she’s truly an up and coming young fashion icon. I love how she has grown and her style has slowly gotten a lot more mature but still classy. Her choice in daily outfits and also public appearance outfits has totally been on point. Selena Gomez is definitely one of young hollywoods style icons. I absolutely love how she has such a timeless yet evolving look. Even if she’s wearing her go to everyday look it’s simple yet stylish and I love how she doesn’t try to much with the way she dresses. I also love how she’s one of those famous people who just doesn’t overdo it with their clothes just because she’s in the public eye. She’s makes a statement but it’s not one that has people screaming WHAT!!!! I love her simple yet classy look. Selena Gomez is definitely my style crush. I want her closet someone make it happen 🙂 Please and thanks xoxoxo


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