Song of the Day: Ben Rector-When A Heart Breaks

Ben Rector is one of the music industry’s hidden gems. I started listening to his music after Chelsea Tavares covered one of his song “When A Heart Breaks” and since then I’ve literally been in love with his music and voice. I don’t know abut anyone else but his music touches my soul and makes me feel so good. I can’t help but play his songs in my car when I’m gong anywhere. One of my favorite songs from his latest album “When I’m With You” melts my heart. When I’m listening to this song I feel like crying in the car because the song is so sweet and romantic. If a man sings or dedicates this song to me I probably will be drowning in tears; it’s just that powerful of a song. I just love love this man and his music!

🎶But when I’m with you I’m no longer wandering
And when I’m with you, I swear I can breathe
When I’m with you, I know who I am and who I want to be
Who I want to be🎶


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